dohingart | 여 시윤 Yeo Shin Yun
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Yeo Shih Yun, Bergen Solargraphy Series I, Digital print on plexiglass, 2018, 23cm x 38cm




2002 Postbaccalaureate Program, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, USA

2001 Diploma in Communications Design, Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore

1998 BBA, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Selected Exhibitions

2017 80 by 80 Esplanade’s 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Esplanade Tunnel, Singapore

All That Is Changing by Jo Darvall and Yeo Shih Yun, Australia High Commission, Singapore

Instinctive 2.0: (in)Significant, Instinc Soho, Singapore


2016 South by Southeast: Art from Singapore, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China


2015 Scholars & Ink, National University of Singapore Museum, Singapore


2014 Choreographed Collisions: Solo Exhibition by Yeo Shih Yun, Galerie Steph, Singapore

Project 6581, Japan Creative Center, Singapore


2012 Lyrical Abstraction: New Works by Jeremy Sharma and Yeo Shih Yun, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Ink, Jendela Visual Arts Space, Singapore

Semi Automatic, Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, USA